Premium Robotics Systems
for automated photography

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Success in Internet business relies on effective presentation. A static image is not enough anymore. Virtual, photorealistic and interactive 3D presentations represent a new way of product presentation. Thus the customer has available a realistic and detailed image. The resulting impression is similar, to holding the product in hand - it can be viewed from all sides and zoomed to any detail. This new and affordable technology provides a competitive advantage to all, who offer their products through the Internet.

To be able to offer this new and exciting way of imaging products as a service, we work on using advanced technologies for storing and exploiting imagery. The basic principle is based in the central storage of images in high resolution and on a client, who is able to use data in the necessary resolution and size. The client is based on The Macromedia Flash™plug-in available to 97% of browsers.

We developed also unique robotic equipment for a photo studio, enabling the capture of sequences of images for 3D presentation in an effective and productive manner. This enables us to offer our services at reasonable prices.

Excellently equipped image server for image hosting is located on the backbone network and uses eRez Imaging Server technology., Topolová 483, 250 67 Klecany, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 266 190 170,