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The FSI Viewer Flash application dynamically retrieves the high resolution details needed from the image, located in the eRez Image Server, so it is possible to publish even very detailed imagery without high demands on the Internet connection.

If more images are available from different (and defined) angles, FSI Viewer is able to create a virtual view, which enables you to use a mouse (or cursors) to rotate the object and pro view it from all sides. Due to the high resolution of the image stored on the eRez Image Server you can zoom to any detail.

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What does 3D Presentation provide to visitors:

  • On-line shopping is the most attractive feature.
  • The information value of the image is substantially higher
  • Stronger sales arguments make the customer's decision easier
  • There is no need for specialised software
  • The browser control is simple and intuitive

What does 3D Presentation provide to operators:

  • The visitor's impression of the web-page is significantly stronger, providing a competitive advantage
  • Rapid growth of interest in products
  • Improved familiarisation with the product increases a willingness to purchase
  • Increased quality of web-based presentation increases revenues
  • The object is photographed by a robot, ensuring swift and perfect implementation
  • You only need to insert a simple code, part of the 3D photography supply, into an existing web page.
  • Series of images from different angles, which can be used in a standard way, e.g. to create press matters




The photography of the object from 12 angles (0-360 in 30 degree increments). Particular photographs have 3002 × 2000 pixel resolution (photographed with a Nikon D70s, 6 Mpx resolution).


Virtual, photorealistic presentation of data from previous images. One angle of top-view.
Object photography from 12 angles of view and 4 angles of top-view (0-360 in 30 and 0-90 in 30). Particular photographs in 2,000 × 2,000 pixels resolution.
Virtual, photorealistic presentation of data from previous images. Four angles of view., Topolová 483, 250 67 Klecany, Czech Republic

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