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FSI Viewer

The combination of FSI Viewer and FSI Server (former eRez Image Server), provided by Neptunlabs, is currently the most complete and ultimate solution regarding publishing 3D presentations. This solution provides robust and well scaled technology of client-server platform, offering ready 3D publishing. Many accessories are available, e.g. for creation of hot-spots, recorder of interesting parts or control of FSI Viewer using JavaScript. 3D presentations you can see on our website are located on our server, equipped with this technology - we recommend testing smooth zoom up to maximum resolution.

Interesting and attractive solution based on separate Flash application, publishing 3D presentation using files placed directly in webpage hosting. The extent of magnification of details and scalability is limited, but due to its economic advantage it is suitable for smaller webs.




Robust client-server solution by Scene7, part of the Adobe Group. Even though it only marginally supports 3D publishing, it is possible to achieve very good results due to the custom settings of the system.




One of possible solution for publishing 3D presentation based on Xinet's Webnative server technology. It is a hosted service solution with no server installation or plug-ins required. Web2eye, produced by UK-based ec2i Limited, offers an exceptionally easy to set up service with a unique Full Screen mode delivered in a simple-to-use, skinable, Flash viewer.










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