Premium Robotics Systems
for automated photography

Machinery Overview

Types and Design of machines

The individual mechanical parts of the machine are of a robust design to ensure the mechanical endurance and required precision.

For photography of smaller objects we supply the robotic table, for larger objects and persons we supply a robotic platform, which can be fitted with a EUR pallet holder or other custom accessories. Both above mentioned machines provide rotation of an object along its vertical axis.


For automated photography from different angles of a top-view we supply robotic telescopic boom, which together with the table or platform ensure image capture from the upper hemisphere (the boom can be added as an accessory to all rotating machines or to move it within the studio and use the rest of the machines in combination with a tripod).



We also offer  the "cube" - a machine designed for objects that should be suspended during photography (jewellery, MP3 players etc.). The control system can control the movement of the suspended and regular robots in a synchronous mode to capture objects requiring a combination of placement and partial suspension.


The robot ensures fluent acceleration a deceleration during movement, so it is easy to photograph even less stable objects. Because the machines are stationary during capture, it is possible to work with different exposure settings without the risk of blurring.


The equipment is mobile, so the studio can be reset according to its current needs or moved to shoot at the customer's premises. For more frequent moving we supply mobile racks for the control units, which can be transported interconnected and protected against mechanical damage (see the Catalogue of Accessories)., Topolová 483, 250 67 Klecany, Czech Republic

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