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for automated photography


The price of the virtual catalogue comprises the conversion of the print PDF to the needed format (or another original document based on agreement) and costs related to placement of the final data on an image-server, providing the viewing and scrolling functions and zoom to all users within the Internet.

Basic price of the document conversion up to  300 pages is 20 € (price valid in case of correct PDF document).

Prices of hosting are based on the basic price of 0,04 € /1 MB monthly. Part of the price of hosting on the image-server is its 24/7 administration, licence of the image-server and the browser used on the web pages (downloaded automatically at presentation opening). Based on demand we can provide an individual design of the browser.

Particular parts of the document can be connected to internet links, so a link can be opened, e.g. to a Internet shop page, directly from the catalogue. The links can be completed based on further agreement with the client manually.


748Number of pages/ format:
300 DPI (2,480x3,508 px)Resolution:
589 MBData size / compression:
29,90 € / monthHosting Price:
20 €Preparation price:
60 minutesPreparation time:, Topolová 483, 250 67 Klecany, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 266 190 170,