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FSI Pages extension enables the viewers of FSI Viewer to display a set of images in high resolution as a virtual catalogue. Realistic animation during page turning, automatically generated icon index of pages and the possibility to enlarge any part of a page offers a fascinating way of presenting a catalogue or a set of images. Time and expenses for preparation of these presentations is minimal. You only need to copy page images to the eRez Image Server and to place a part of the HTML code in the web pages (integration of pages is identical with placement of flash advertisement).

What does a virtual catalogue provide to visitors:

  • Scrolling the catalogue is as easy as in real life
  • You don't need a fast Internet connection, data is downloaded according to the current need
  • It is possible to view page details anytime
  • Easy printing of the required page in print quality
  • Simple downloading of a particular PDF file to your computer for later use

What does a virtual catalogue provide to operators:

  • Simple, efficient and effective publishing in print
  • Permanent availability of a document on web pages
  • Minimum distribution costs
  • Quality matching a printed publication
  • Repeated utilisation of costs of preparation of printed matters
  • Possible linking from a virtual catalogue directly into the electronic shop
Links on particular pages of the catalogue. During the usual publishing of a PDF file for downloading, in a case of downloading individual pages, the viewer misses the natural feeling of a page sequence. The risk of downloading the wrong page is also present. Downloading a multi-page document is demanding in terms of the downloaded volume of data and time needed - especially in the case of catalogues containing hundreds of pages. Note the elegance of our solution, which is not demanding in terms of downloaded data, offers a natural feeling of the booklet and at the same time can zoom to the smallest detail.
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